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As the founders of the Allycearnold brand and parents ourselves, we love nothing more than hearing about how our children’s teepees and wooden toys make little people smile.
To us, our products are a way for little people to create their very own Tiny Land that they can explore, have fun with, and base their adventures around.

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Laura Sandrell

Adorable Doll House and great value. This dollhouse is super cute and a great value! It comes with a ton of wooden accessory pieces as well. The beds even come with little pillows and mattresses. Our girls absolutely love putting their mini dolls in the bathtub and beds it comes with. It did come with 2 sets of stairs and they do fall off kinda easy from the dollhouse, so I just applied 2-sided Velcro to the top of them so that they can remain in place or be taken off if needed later. Overall we are very happy with the product and so are our kids.

Gabriele S.

Great quality. This product is actually much bigger than I thought and the quality is great!! My two-year-old speech-delayed son loved it and really surprised me with how quickly he learned to climb. He still gets a little stuck sometimes, but it will take practice of course. I was nervous about this product at first, but I watch him closely any time he uses it, and he absolutely loves it. It was also pretty easy to assemble. I’m 8 months pregnant and assembled it mostly by myself, except for a couple of parts where I needed somebody to hold a piece of the triangle while I screwed it in.

Juliana Gowens

Cutest Kitchen ever! We just gave this to our 5 yr old granddaughter for her birthday Saturday. It was a bit more expensive than most others, but it was also about 8 inches taller than the others too, making it worth the money. This way it will still be nice and high enough for her to play with for much longer. Be sure and check the height of any kitchen you might want to order. This one is 40″ high..others were 32″, which makes a big difference.

Hear From Our Customers

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